Realize the Cairn Advantage

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Strengths-Based Approach

People maximize their potential and flourish once they discover and operate in their strengths.

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Commitment to Process

Growth occurs as meaningful learning experiences are combined with practical application and accountability over the course of time.

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Tailored Strategy

Goals are best accomplished through a collaborative process that considers individual strengths, circumstances and needs.

What is your strategy for navigating today's cultural landscape?

Delivering Global Success

Global workers use our tools and services to effectively engage in today's marketplace.

Acquiring Skills

Effectively engaging across cultures requires a unique skill set. Our team of experts will assess your current needs and then develop and facilitate learning experiences to coincide with your goals.

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Navigating Transitions

Successfully navigating transitions demands strategies for thriving in the midst of change. We take a comprehensive approach that reflects the complexities of the individual or team to create initiatives for various forms and stages of transition.

Proactive Reinforcement

Strong connections and ongoing support are the lifeblood of continued success. Our professional coaching consultants will advance your continuing growth and development as you assimilate your learning.

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How are you currently leveraging your strengths to succeed globally?


Management Team

Arnold Headshot

Arnold Smyth

Managing Partner

Arnold is a detail-oriented problem solver and loves to concentrate his energies on finding tangible solutions to in-depth issues people are facing. He has lived in four countries and has been designing and delivering cross-cultural solutions since the mid 90's.

Matthew Headshot

Matthew Rawlins

Managing Partner

Matthew is a strategic thinker and a strong communicator with a proven ability to lead in diverse environments. He brings nearly 20 years of international travel and education experience to developing, teaching and coaching global workers to successfully work across cultures.

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